Extending Gratitude Beyond Our Walls: External Partnerships That Matter

By Scott Barnwell

A hug shared with external collaborators

The IT Services team here in Asheville loves celebrating people, both on our own team and in other departments. We try to do it all the time, but each summer at our annual picnic we have formal recognition ceremony for everyone who has helped IT be successful in our work. These peer-nominated awards are the highlight of the annual celebration and give us a way to publicly recognize the best work of our colleagues throughout the City.

This year something different happened. For the first time, there were multiple nominations for partners outside the City of Asheville organizations. This was neither planned nor requested when we solicited nominations and it had never happened before. Nonetheless, multiple IT Services staff nominated six external partners for awards.

The fact is, much of our success depends not only on strong partnerships with colleagues inside the City but also with external agencies, vendors, and community members. These people make it possible for us to take on bigger and more meaningful challenges in the community and to deliver better services to our citizens. This has always been true of government, but digital transformation has made it even more important.

Now, without further ado, the 2017 City of Asheville “IT Services Team Player” awards for our external partners: